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PREP Golf will work with you to achieve your performance goals. Whether you have an underlying injury limiting your golf or you want to improve your movement capacity or get a few more meters on your drive. At PREP we are here to help you achieve your goals.

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What can PREP Golf do for you?

At the first session we will take a detailed history to help establish your performance goals and limitations. From here we will break down your golf swing and to see what physical limitations your body might have? As a physiotherapist we are in the ideal position to your individual movement capacity and help develop an individually tailored exercise program to help you achieve the desired goal.

Golf is one of the most technically demanding, complex and high precision sports to exist. Part of this beauty of Golf it the unique nature of a golf swing, very few golf swings are the same. Through PREP we can help you understand how your body moves and in turn help you find your natural swing style.

What exercise can do to help improve your golf swing

  • Develop strength to aid in a powerful golf swing (Glutes, hamstring, shoulder and core muscles)
  • Improves full body flexibility to allow for a free and open swing (Hips, thoracic spine, shoulders)
  • Improved balance
  • Increased stamina in muscle groups (Glutes, core and postural muscles)
  • Improves posture
  • Increases core stability

At PREP let us help you by developing a specific program to help you achieve your golfing specific goals.

We also offer Pilates for Golfers

Recent research has found that the core muscles around your trunk play an important role in creating a powerful golf swing. Understanding how your body moves is integral to developing your optimal golf swing. Pilates can help you understand how your body moves and improve the selective control of your body. This can help you efficiently transfer energy from the lower body up to the arms and eventually into the club head. This is what creates the ‘bottom up phenomenon’ which is required to generate high club heads speeds.