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Pilates For Golfers

Pilates and Golf are a natural partnership, as Pilates will focus on your trunk rotation, spinal flexibility and stability enabling you to produce more power and in turn enjoy your golf for longer. Current research suggests that the core muscle play a vital role in creating a powerful golf swing. Its no wonder some of the top Golf professionals have incorporated Pilates into their exercise’s regimes, such as Paul McGinley, Thomas Peiters and Tiger Woods to name a few. Golfers of all level can benefit from Pilates to help improve their games, reduce pain and the risk of injuries.

As Golf is a full body complex asymmetrical movement it is important that we understand how our bodies move and our own physical strengths and limitations. Physiotherapy lead Pilates can help you understand how your body moves in order to enhance your own natural golf swing. Optimal golf mechanics require flexibility, stability, strength, balance and a strong core. Golf specific Pilates can help work on all these areas which in turn can give Golfers the edge they have been looking for.

Pilates for Golfers will help improve your body awareness and enable you have selective control of your body. This selective control will help improve the repeatable nature of your golf swing and in turn lead to more consistent shots and putt. This improved body awareness can also lead to improved energy efficiency with your golf swing resulting in more power being generated with less effort. This improvement in transfer of energy from the lower body up to the arms helps improve the ‘bottom up phenomenon’ which is required to generate high club head speeds.

Although we can’t promise a reduction in your handicap we can promise through Pilates for Golfers you will feel and move better.

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The Benefits of Pilates for Golfers 

  Increase your hip mobility, trunk and shoulder mobility
  Improve your balance and in turn your weight transfer in you swing
 Increase your glute and shoulder strength to help increase your drive
  Improve your stability and in turn improve your accuracy
  Teach you to understand and respect your body, in turn understand and implement what a golf pro asks you to change in a golf swing
  Injury Prevention
  Rehabilitation of a golf injury
  Strengthen your core and decrease lower back pain

Why not try a FREE Pilates for Golfers class on my YouTube channel and see what PREP physio can do for you.

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